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ISBN#: Unavailable/Paperback-1441497099 / 9781441497093
April 2009
171 Pages
Rating: 4 cups


She is upset about her break up with her man Gordon.

Tom is her neighbor and the one who offers her solace in the form of her favorite coffee.

When Tom finds her walking and crying, he offers her a cup of coffee and maybe a little bit more.

I really enjoyed this story and how Tom used both coffee and sex to make her feel better about herself. This story personifies the importance of having true friends.


Brenda is a young wife trying to make her husband happy by wearing the clothing he picks out for her, even when it makes her appear to be a slut.

Jared is a husband who likes to pick out his wife’s clothes and then get angry with her and treat her like a slut because he perceives she is acting like one.

When Jared gets mad at Brenda again for acting in ways that he perceives are slutty, she gets ticked off and actually gets out of the car and starts walking home. What will Jared do?

A fun and sexy story about a couple who enjoy role playing and how it spices up their sex life. I enjoyed reading this one very much.

Confessions of a Sexpert, Encounter #1: “Sally Mae”

Zushia Chase is a sales person for erotic toys and products from SexEssentials. She is used to people assuming that because she sells items of a sexual nature that she must get sex all the time. Little do her clients know that is not the case.

Sally Mae and Joel Radisson are a very attractive couple who are part a group that Zushia is explaining and hopefully selling her products to.

When both Sally Mae and Joel begin making slight sexual overtures to Zushia, she is not sure what to do. When they invite her to their home afterwards, she takes the bull by the horns and gives it a shot. Will she be happy or disappointed that she did so?

This was a fun story because it was very visually erotic and titillating. You do not want to miss this one.

Masturbation 101

She is a woman who enjoys kinky sex on a regular basis but has never had much use for masturbating. After all if she can have sex, why would she want substitute the real thing with masturbation?

John is a guy that she met in a pub and someone that she has regular sexual encounters with.

When John brings up the subject of masturbation, she tries to get him off the subject as she is not really interested. However, John wants her to know the joys of masturbating. Will he be able to teach her to like it?

This story made me laugh because what woman has not thought the same thing with regards to masturbating at one time or another? I really enjoyed John’s creative way of teaching her.

Open All Night: Claire

Claire is a waitress working the night shift in a diner. Her significant other has run off leaving her with all the bills. Her job and her life have left her feeling unattractive until a man shows up at the diner.

Joel is the man who arrives at the diner.

When Joel comes into the diner, Claire has the instant hots for him. Too bad he is only really interested in locating a phone. Will she be able to get him interested in staying for a bit longer?

This is a creative story with some very hot sex. It definitely shows how one chance encounter can change a woman’s entire view of herself.

Confessions of a Sexpert, Encounter #2: Mr. Winkler

Zushia Chase is a sales person for erotic toys and products from SexEssentials. She is used to people assuming that because she sells items of a sexual nature that she must get sex all the time. Little do her clients know that is not the case.

Mr. Winkler is a small man who is very nervous being at what amounts to a party for sex toys and other such goodies.

When shy Mr. Winkler gets a boner just from helping Zushia with a bondage kit, Zushia knows he is definitely going to be buying that kit and probably more. However, what really surprises her is his request that she dominate him. Will she do it?

This was another humorous story, and I really liked the candid way Ms. Marsden handled it. I know there are many Mr. Winklers out there, and it is my sincere hope there are plenty of Zushia’s to help them out their rut.

Fresh Meat

Kelly is an office worker with a real witch for a boss. She has dreams about what she would like to say and do to her boss if only she had the guts to carry them out.

Jake is Kelly’s co-worker and the one who works towards calming her down when she would like nothing more than to give their boss a piece of her mind.

Shea is Kelly and Jake’s boss and really is not a nice person.

When Shea tells Kelly on a Friday night that she has to work late whether she wants to or not, Kelly is furious because she had plans to take a hot bubble bath, watch a movie and relax. However, what she finds when she enters the conference room almost stuns her into silence, that is until she is offered something she cannot turn down. Will she take Shea and Jake up on their idea?

Talk about getting even with the boss! Absolutely loved this story, and who has not wanted to get even with a mean boss? Ms. Marsden outdid herself on this one.

Mrs. Polenesi

Tony is eighteen years old and has had a crush on his friend’s mom Ms. Cricket Polenesi since he was in grade school. She has starred in many an x-rated daydream. He has never cared for girls his own age.

Mrs. Cricket Polenesi’s husband has run off with someone younger and she is feeling less than attractive, as well as horny. She has felt the attraction coming from Tony.

When Tony checks out Mrs. Polenesi at his checkout stand at the store he works at, he cannot help eyeing her cleavage. When she calls him on it, he is mortified and wants to sink into the ground. However, Mrs. Polenesi, instead of raking him over the coals so to speak, invites him to come over. In the wake of the blizzard being forecasted and his own misgivings, will Tony take her up on it?

This is another one where Ms. Marsden outdid herself. I really liked how she painted Tony as being more mature than his eighteen years, and where so many of these types of stories paint the older woman as taking advantage of a younger man, Ms. Marsden did not do that. Instead she painted this as a mutual attraction between two adults. If you read none of the other stories in this anthology, read this one, it is very tastefully written.

She Looked Good in Ribbons

West is a married erotic artist. He is at a convention to meet another artist for a sexual tryst.

Alyssa is an artist and also married. She is the one West is meeting.

West is very sexually excited about meeting Alyssa and tying her up as they have both fantasized about. However, both of them are at least initially a bit unsure especially since they are both married. In spite of this, each decides to follow through on their agreement.

This is probably not my favorite story in this anthology as it just had too much of a flavor of guilt for cheating on spouses to it, because of this it was less enjoyable. However, I did like reading about their encounter and I thought the ribbons idea was very creative.

Paper or Plastic

Lissa is a married woman with children but that has not stopped her from noticing Chad, a man that works at her local grocery, or the way he looks at her.

Chad works at the local grocery and has had his eye on Lissa for some time now.

When Lissa arrives at the grocery store to do some shopping, she looks for Chad and does not see him at first and is disappointed. However, when she gets in line she finds him bagging up groceries and gets to talk to him for the first time. She is nervous, but he comes back and offers to help her with her groceries, this leads to a tryst in her minivan.

Lissa’s tryst with Chad is hotter than hot and practically singed my fingers while reading it. This is a good story that I can easily recommend to others.

Kissing Me Sexy

Sara is married and at home alone because her husband has gone to a game with his friends. She does have some fun sex toys to keep her company though.

Al is Sara’s husband and while he enjoys being with his friends, he misses Sara when he is out.

When Sara tries out a latex vibrating dildo, she forgets that she has a mild allergy to latex. Unfortunately, she has a reaction resulting in a hive, her tongue swelling, and some trouble breathing. She calls her husband and tells him using very humorous terminology. He reminds her to take a Benedryl and drink a glass of wine, both of which she does and then she goes to sleep. She begins waking up a few hours later to a very amorous husband.

This is another of my other favorite stories in this anthology. The emotions and love mixed in with the hot sizzlin’ sex make for a really great story.

Beautiful Rita

Rita is an older single mother who thinks she is no longer attractive.

William is the owner of the local liquor store and an acquaintance of Rita’s.

When Rita goes to her local liquor store on her birthday with the intention of buying some booze to celebrate her birthday, she has no idea that it is about to become the best birthday of her life. William is there with her favorite liquor as a birthday present. When she goes to give him a hug, he kisses her. Throwing caution to the winds, she invites him to her home to help her celebrate.

This is another favorite of mine. I loved how real Rita and William are written, and the way William treats Rita with respect and caring. If only we all were so lucky to meet a William when we really needed one.

For Tonight

Kit is a friend of Derrick a musician. She loves Derrick as a friend and wants to help him.

Derrick is a musician who is having trouble with dealing with his girlfriend who left him and married someone else. He is trying to drown his sorrows in liquor and drugs.

When Kit arrives to see her friend Derrick, she knows that all she can do is pretend to be the woman he loves to give him some peace. So, she puts on a wig and pretends knowing he is so out of it, he will believe it is the woman who broke his heart. While they have sex, it makes Kit sad that he cannot truly see her and only sees the woman who left.

This story was a little too realistic for me, and sad. It’s well written, but for me it was difficult to read. Even the erotic portion of it because of the sad emotions is hard to read.

Overall this is a very good group of stories. There is some very hot sizzlin’ sex in all the stories and most even had a bit of a plot, both of which are key to good erotica in my opinion. Ms. Marsden is a very gifted writer and I look forward to reading more of her stories in the future.

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