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ISBN#: 9781611242102
November 2011
Amber Quill Press
125 Pages
Gay / Science Fiction / Futuristic / Action / Adventure / Paranormal / Psychic Phenomena / Superheroes
Rating: 5 Cups

Kevin Bergson is a computer geek who loves gadgets. He also happens to be the sidekick to a Super, short for superhero, whose super powers are strength and speed. He and his Super are roommates, as well as, best friends.

Alex Hofland is Kevin’s Super and he has been in love with Kevin for a long time. He has never acted on this though since he has always believed Kevin to be straight. He is about to get the surprise of his life.

Alex gets his first real clue that Kevin might not be straight when it becomes apparent that the woman he always believed was Kevin’s girlfriend, is actually just his other best friend. At that point all bets are off, and Alex goes into high gear to get his man. Too bad their work is about to get in the way before either of them can express the feelings they have for each other. Unfortunately, their criminal Julian has been found, and it’s Alex job to bring him in, with Kevin’s help of course. Only things do not go as planned and Alex is captured by the enemy. In order to save the man he loves, Kevin will have to risk everything, including a secret that he has held for years. Will Kevin’s super power be enough to save the man he loves?

I LOVED Loving Someone Extraordinary! I am not usually into the whole superhero thing, but K.M. Mahoney does a superb job in creating a world where Supers are actually realistic. I was pleasantly surprised at the creative world building, and the action and suspense in this story kept me on the edge of my seat. The love scenes are beautiful, and erotic, and they certainly made this reviewer break out the desk fan! If you love creative world building mixed with superheroes and a truly wonderful love story, then you do not want to miss Loving Someone Extraordinay. In fact, I highly encourage you to go out and get your copy today. I for one am heading for this author’s backlist so I can get more great books!

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