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ISBN# (13) 9781440568244/(10) 1440568251
27 May 2013
Crimson Romance
194 Pages
Time Travel Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

The only family Cody Bell has left is his parents, his grandfather and one very sick niece whose life depends on him making it home with her medication. With three days and about a hundred years gone by, Cody fears all hope is lost.

Until this moment, Anya Littlefeather can honestly say that, trusting any man, let alone a complete stranger, will never happen. Her intuition, along with her dog, Atom's, has her re-evaluating and wondering what it is about this man that is so different.

Like a kid in a candy store, Cody is in complete awe of the world around him, even though his heart still aches for the family he has left behind. As unbelievable as this is, Anya has a pretty good idea of how it has happened. For Cody's sake, she hopes it can be reversed. As much as Cody needs to get back to help his niece, it breaks his heart to think of leaving Anya. This time, as well as this woman, will forever be branded on his soul, which makes him hope for things that may never be.

To make a story like this really work, you have to have a character as wonderfully intuitive as Cody Bell. His curiosity, intelligence and gentlemanly nature are the perfect attributes for someone in his position. Anya, however, does not always make it easy for Cody, often having to be cajoled like a cranky child. In my opinion, this makes their relationship work in a way that the reader gets a real feel for how they fill a void in each other's lives.

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