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October 2012
Calliopes Writing Tablet
189 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Being a lover of the arts, as well as being a lover of men, Sir Nicholas Halstead is enamored by the works of Leonardo da Vinci. Due to his station in life, however, he must be very careful to keep his predilections private and out of the public eye.

Although she lost her mother at a young age, Elenora Schwaab feels very fortunate for the upbringing her father gave her. She is extremely learned and progressive as far as most women are concerned, even by many men’s standards as well.

Nicholas is struck speechless by Ellie’s proposition, especially considering he barely knows her, yet as she makes her case, he finds no fault in her logic. Women have never made Nicholas’s blood sing, but Ellie changes everything. Their quest to find da Vinci’s erotic works leads them to meeting another art historian Luca Franco, wherein they also find the perfect lover. Luca has intimate knowledge of the works they seek; unfortunately he also knows that the viciously dangerous man who has them could spell disaster for his new loves.

I love that this author takes what could be just another turn of the century historical romance and completely revamps it into a very sexy, smart, and scintillating read. Ellie’s character is so bold and outspoken for a woman of this era, yet she easily maintains her sweetness and femininity. Nicholas too belies convention in many ways, which I feel makes his relationship with Ellie and Luca much more passionate and caring. This is a most delicious read, and I certainly hope we see more of these three lovers in the near future.

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