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ISBN #9781609824082
Date Unavailable
57 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Andrea is the finance manager of a multinational consulting firm. She is single and has never had a long term relationship. Her best friend since childhood is a vampire.

Damien is one of the partners in his family’s very successful consulting firm. He is twenty nine and a vampire. He must find a mate by the time he turns thirty or he will lose his immortality. Until then, he must feed on the blood of mortals.

Damien’s thirtieth birthday is rapidly approaching and he must choose a wife, preferably a vampire one. He has been in love with Andrea for years, but she is human. Andrea is in love with Damien as well, but knows that nothing can ever come of it. She has been keeping his deadly secrets and the firm’s financial ones.

I really like this author’s style of writing and her characters are very complete. I just could not get past the fact that Damien has murdered dozens of women over the years and Andrea has either covered for him or ignored it. I prefer the bloodsuckers who leave their meals alive. Other than that, this is a fine example of a vampire romance and the plot is full of sexual tension and romantic ups and downs with a paranormal twist.

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