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ISBN# 9781623006846
February 2014
Loose Id
$ 5.99
137 Pages
Urban Fantasy/Zombies
Rating: 3 Cups

Judith Graham was a graduate student studying history. The zombie apocalypse has taken both of her parents and the world is a very scary place.

Sky Beckett is a high school physics teacher. His mother was a hippie, and his uncertain future as an untenured teacher in an inner city school make him better prepared for this new future than most.

Jude is leading an isolated life in her parents’ farmhouse. They are both dead due to the zombie infestation, as are most of the people she used to know. Her one trip into the outside world for candy results in an attack by both zombies and feral humans. She is rescued by Sky who is making his way home from New Jersey. Jude reluctantly offers him shelter, and the two decide how to survive in this new and horrifying world.

Sky and Jude are sympathetic and brave characters with a tough road ahead. The world the author has created is grim, without much in the way of hope, but these two are determined to survive. Fans of zombie literature will enjoy this dark and fascinating story.

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