Coffee Time Romance & More




January 2010
Siren Publishing
238 Pages
Ratings: 4 Cups

Lily Backman learns that her parents are not really her parents, then her fiancé calls off the wedding. After applying for the teaching position in Texas, and hearing back that she has been accepted, she decides to board the train and head west.

Seth Sanford misses the comfort of holding a woman in his arms. He wishes his wife, Victoria, had not died. She still haunts him in his dreams. Then Lily comes into town and once he sets his gaze on her, he is immediately smitten.

Lily is almost at her destination when robbers board the train. Luckily the robber is stopped by Seth. The moment Lily makes eye contact with the handsome stranger, there is an instantaneous attraction. After accepting the teacher’s position, she meets him again and learns he has two children. Lily cannot get Seth off her mind, nor can he erase anything about Lily. She wants to help his children get over their mother’s death. Seth knows they miss their mother and so offers Lily a platonic relationship. Once they are wed, their feelings grow stronger but with more train robberies, Seth is busy trying to find who is behind all the attacks. Will he and Lily be able to find that lasting connection or will his duty get him killed?

Love’s Sweet Surrender is a pleasant read. I thought some of the town people were like a great little community that would reach out to each other. The emotions in Seth really boil up and emit strongly. All of Lily’s and Seth’s expressions run deep and their determinations even stronger in a beautiful story that touched this reader. I found the characters likeable. Sandy Sullivan indeed pens a story that moves at a good pace and captures the pure essence of true romance.

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