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Book 1: Love Tattoo

Sequel to Love Tattoo
ISBN# 9781926950587
June 10, 2011
Evernight Publishing
118 Pages
Paranormal, Vampire
Rating: 3 Cups

Cara Riley Brennan has lived in a dream bubble since her marriage. When a blast from her husband’s past violently bursts their bubble, she must figure out how to survive. Can her love for Will be enough to survive the battle?

As a truck driving vampire with a fantastic new bride he loves more than life, Will Brennan thought he lived the dream. When his creator, Sallie Hawkins, makes it abundantly clear that his happiness is an affront to her own misery, he must fight to save what he loves most.

An unexpected turn of events leads Cara and Will out of the marital bliss and into a battle to save their very lives. Wicked and jealous for reasons that Will cannot explain, Sallie Hawkins has made it clear that she will put an end to their lives. How will they survive this battle when they do not even know the reason for it?

I came into this story unfamiliar with the prequel, Love Tattoo, but Ms. Murphy tells a clear enough story that it is not necessary to be familiar with the first book. Will and Cara are interesting characters that are intelligent and likeable. The only few problems I have come from some of the writing style and Sallie Hawkins’ character. It is very odd to me that when we hear from Cara it is in the first person point of view and then we jump to Will and it is third person. When the story started in Cara’s first person I didn’t expect to hear anything from Will’s perspective and found it odd when it jumped to him. Secondly, there is a lot of buildup to Sallie’s character, but when we are actually introduced to her it is a bit of a letdown. She seems to be the all-powerful vampire, but the book ends with an anti-climactic confrontation.

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