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ISBN# 9781934912522
February 2013
Black Lyon Publishing, LLC
210 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Phoenix Donovan wants to have a life. When she and her friend visit a fortuneteller, Phoenix is surprised to be told about her life’s transformation in the future.

Max Parrish wakes from a coma and tells his father he needs his help ending a long curse. Max knows Phoenix is the woman who will help him in the journey he must take.

Byrgamon, Queen of the Amenti, loves Kedare and wants to spend her years with him. Unfortunately, General Bahk-ir takes matters into his hands when he interrupts their plans, causing a curse to be placed on him throughout eternity. Years later, Max realizes the past is calling to him, so searches until he finds Phoenix and learns an Egyptian national, Asa Ducaine, wants her to accept a job near Egypt, convinced that she will be the one to return a lost love. If Phoenix is thrilled with the project, she has no idea what danger lies ahead. Max can only hope history does not repeat itself, and that he can stop Asa from doing any harm.

This reader has been truly transported into the past with an atmosphere of danger, love and adventure. The story is engaging with interesting facts of the past and the present. The characters are endearing, and the evil Bahki Slash Asa is indeed a most evil person. A Love Reborn is positively a read that captivates and allows the reader to jump right in on the journey. Ms. Lyons tells a story filled not only with suspense, but has also a touch of warmth and romance that reaches into the heart.

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