Coffee Time Romance & More




January 2011
Astraea Press
194 pages
Chick Lit/Satire
Rating: 5 Cups

Seven wives. One man. Nine children (eleven if you count the stepkids). How did Kevin Smith ever get himself into this mess? One day he was just enjoying his week-long vacation from work and the next he comes face to face with a completely altered reality, in which he has somehow managed to marry seven women – who just happen to be turning his normal, slightly boring life, completely upside down.

It must have all started after his run in the park. What began as a simple morning activity suddenly took a life-changing turn, and when he returned home, magically and mysteriously, once-bachelor Kevin now has multiple women and children to support.

In his dreams Kevin thought this sounded great. Everything would get done around the house, a man would be fed like a king and he would not have to do a thing. But reality is a lot different from fantasy and all he wants to do is escape. Coincidently, Kevin is now constantly bumping into the one woman he actually wants to get to know better; his co-worker, Angela Jones. The more time he spends with her, the more he resents his newfound ‘reality’. All Kevin wants is his old life back, if he is able to get it.

This is a very humorous story that perfectly captures the old sentiment “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Kevin Smith only realizes this when he has to literally deal one of his dreams - the reality of multiple wives. It was a nice change in a chick-lit novel to have the main character and point-of-view come from a man, and the crazy situations that occurred had this reviewer laughing out loud at certain points. A recommended read.

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