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ISBN# 9781612173245/9781612173238
August 10, 2012
The Wild Rose Press
Pages 270
Historical (Western)
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Alexandra Calthorpe is the daughter of a Duke who decides to send her to England to marry. If she refuses this arranged marriage, she will be disinherited. She would rather stay in Colorado.

Jesse Makepeace is a cowpuncher who often handles the cattle better than he can Alex. Yet he cares for the young girl who has grown into a beautiful woman. He hates the thought of her leaving.

When Alex learns she has to return to England, to marry a man she does not love, she is none too thrilled. Yet, she knows better than to disobey her father. She really does not wish to leave Jesse, whom she has grown to love. She does not understand why her father demands this. It was bad enough growing up believing her father hated her, but learning the secrets buried within her family is enough to bring double grief to her soul. Jesse would do anything for Alex, but sometimes there are things out of his reach when it comes to her aid. Later, when he learns she has returned from England, he is thrilled. He has always loved her but after hearing all the truth, is there a fresh future for them?

Loveland is a story that moves at a good pace and did not let this reader down. The dread and sorrow that Alex endured, with her father, could be shared by this reader. The love Jesse and Alex share shines throughout the story. They are genuine, convincing characters in a tale of romance and heartfelt moments, especially with the many conflicts they faced. Andrea Downing pens a family drama that allows the reader to almost reach out and relate with the players. She fashions some wonderful visualizations which are hard to forget.

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