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ISBN # 978-1-59705-334-1
March 2010
Wings e-Press Books
Sci-Fi Futuristic Romance
324 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups


Lysie is getting ready to have her kittens and really wants to be comfortable. Her kittens, however, will be the ones who decide how things are going to be, and she wishes her mate Marten could get a clue.

Marten s adjusting to the thought of his Lysie having their children and is trying to control his surroundings, and did birth have to be so complicated?

As the time gets closer for the kittens birth, the loving couple thinks they are almost ready, not knowing the kittens arrival is coming now.

The interactions between Marten and Lysie were so well written it truly feels that a good friend is telling you a story. Her tears and his confusion are shown with an underlying love and devotion that is never sappy and always interesting. The dialogue could not be better and readers are going to love seeing a favorite gets his comeuppance. The birth scene is exciting and funny.


Delias has known and adored Davan since she was a child. Now a beautiful woman she is able to face Davan when he is near, mostly.

Davan has watched the little girl he promised to protect turn into a woman. He fights his desire for her, afraid he will fail in his responsibility to protect her.

The frequent interaction between the two is increasing the sexual tension and people are starting to notice-a lot. When true danger threatens Delias, Davan puts all his feelings aside to save her.

This is not only hot, really sexually hot, but the suspense keeps this novella a page-turner. The dialogue is very different from the other books, and fits so perfectly with the couple. It was a wonderful way to bring these too together and this is a book to re-read, a lot.


Sabra is a police investigator who will do whatever it takes to capture illegal slavers. She and Cam have finally developed their relationship and she is working to give more of herself to him.

Cam is thrilled to be with Sabra, even knowing she has baggage. He may hate that she is going after slavers, but because of his love and respect he understands.

Others may question how ruthless Sabra can be but it is their love that gives the couple the ability to face danger.

Soul is my absolutely favorite novella and the action, tension, and sex are superb. There is nothing I do not love from the support characters being tied together, to the sharp dialogue and the fight scenes are outstanding.

Angela Verdenius’ Love, Heart, and Soul Moments is an excellent collection of short stories, based on the Heart and Soul series. What is the best, to me, part of Love, Heart, and Soul Moments is that every novella is a keeper, and they all complement each other while being unique. These stories are interesting to read, thrilling during the suspense, and definitely have the WOW factor during the sex. I enjoyed this anthology, and this is a great way for new readers to see what a fantastic writer Ms Verdenius is.

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