Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-425-23887-5
March 2011 (Hodder & Staughton paperback edition 2009)
Berkley Books
Trade Paperback
438 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

For as independent as she thought she was Rachel Fielding now realizes her entire life in London centered on Oliver. Ten years of her life gone, along with her job and her home, and though her heart is crushed, maybe now she can find her dignity.

Seventy hour weeks and call outs any time day or night makes it hard to develop real relationships, but veterinarian George Fenwich knows he never really tried all that hard. He likes his bachelor life, and he loves his job, what more does a man really need?

Four Oaks animal kennel and rescue shelter was her aunt Dot’s baby, and though Rachel knows nothing about dogs, and even less about life in the country, she has no choice but to accept the terms of her aunt’s will. She is terrified of making a mess out of an already shaky business, but with the help of Four Oaks manager Megan and a huge wealth of friends and volunteers, Rachel knows she has to make an effort. George and Rachel enjoy the sparring and sparks of their budding friendship, but life is about to throw them both for a loop. Rachel’s life may still be in chaos, but no longer do her choices affect only her, and that scares her more than anything.

No one can have enough friends, whether they be four legged or two, and Rachel’s character is in desperate need of both kinds. It is easy to believe people without kids or pets are either selfish or self-centered, but this story just goes to show that independence is not always a choice. I really love how this author shows you both sides this issue, and though much of her story centers around re-homing dogs, she is also quick to point out that some people are not ready for one reason or another. Rachel beats herself up, and in some instance she has every right to, but I really appreciate is the author not sweeping these feelings under the rug and ignoring them. I find it makes her characters and their story honest and real.

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