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ISBN: 9780758251077
December 2010
Brava, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
Historical Romance; Anthology
Rating: 3 Cups

Beauty and the Brute

Lady Sarah was completely devastated when she found out her father had more or less sold her into marriage. She was only thirteen and was definitely not ready to become a bride.

Charles, Earl of March cannot believe his father wagered his hand in marriage. When he saw the girl who was to be his bride, he quickly said his vows and then left for a trip overseas.

Three years have passed since Sarah was married to the vile beast. While his looks have improved, they are nothing like the changes that have drastically transformed Sarah from a waif of a girl to a beautiful woman. With one glance, Charles begins to fall for the beauty which leads Sarah to plan her revenge against her wayward husband. Will Sarah realize that her one chance at love could very well be destroyed if she goes through with her plans against the man who has fallen completely in love with her?

Ms. Henley knows how to give her characters depth, passionate highs, and emotional lows. I thought how Charles comes off at the beginning gives the reader a sense of what a complete jerk he is. Sarah is described as a poor, frightened girl who is not ready to grow up. But, thanks to two men who think they know best, she has to. The kind of passionate reaction I had towards both of these characters, leaves me with the knowledge that the author knows how to keep the reader enthralled with her story from beginning to end.

How to Seduce a Wife

Louisa is sexually frustrated, mainly due to her husband’s gentlemanly lovemaking. She wants the passion and excitement that she reads about in her gothic love novels.

Nicholas March, Earl of Stortford, is known for being a world-class lover. But when it comes to his wife, he has never gotten any passion out of her and has learned to finish quickly.

Tired of how he leaves her aching, Louisa finally confronts her husband and asks him for more. She is shocked when he begins to show her passion unlike anything she has experienced before. Taking it one step further, he introduces her to a world where their every carnal fantasy can be played out. Will Louisa and Nicholas finally reach the passionate peak they have been searching for?

Ms. Pearce introduces us to two people who are trying to fit into a world where neither really wants to be. Louisa is shown as a woman who is told many conflicting things by her mother and her friend. Nicholas is a man desperate to be as proper as possible, which leads him to becoming quite dispassionate in the bedroom. I thoroughly enjoyed this wicked tale, and can guarantee I will reread it just for the pleasure of this phenomenal story. This tale rocked!

Not Quite a Courtesan

Practically all of her life, Prudence Thorne has taken care of those around her. When she gets a letter from her cousin stating she needs her help, she leaves Bath to go to the rescue once again.

Darius Shaw knows that respectability is not something his family is known for. But what his brother has done is the icing on the cake.

Darius storms onto Courtesan Court with the intention of buying off his father’s ex-mistress. But instead of an older woman, he is confronted by an indignant and righteous widow who has decided he must be put in his place with her waspish words. Pru is shocked to find that she is not verbally attacking her cousin’s husband but another man altogether. What starts as mistaken identities for both, ends up being so much more as Darius uncovers Pru’s passionate nature and unleashes a seductress ready to take him on any way she wants to.

I thought parts of this story were sad, not because of the plotline itself but because of how long Pru went without really knowing what true passion and pleasure felt like. Darius is a man who is comfortable with who he is and what he wants while Pru is insecure about herself which gives us the chance to see Ms. Robinson’s writing skills as these two opposite characters come together. The way Darius kept fantasizing about Pru and vice versa was really funny to read, especially as Darius kept having his sneezing attacks. This was a really cute story.

Lords of Passion is a novel with three different writers and three very different tales. One tale is an entertaining read; one has enough emotions you can practically feel them pouring from the pages; and one is so outstandingly fantastic I wanted to immediately reread the story again just because it was so superb. The one thing I found to link these three tales together is how each of the heroines finally experience the passion and pleasure that has been missing from their life. Ms. Henley, Ms. Robinson, and Ms. Pearce have gotten together and written a novel fit to be savored and enjoyed time and again. This novel will take you away from your hectic world and introduce you to a world where pleasure rules and passions run hot.

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