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The Chronicles of Sherwood
ISBN#: 9781587494000
October 2010
Awestruck Publishing
231 Pages
Historical Sensual Romance, Medieval Adventure
Rating: 4 Cups

Roberte de Montichet, aka Robyn Hode, is a nobleman by birth and an outlaw by choice. Robbed of the only woman he has ever loved by his king, this son of a man murdered for his title, lands, and money is on a quest of vengeance.

Lady Merrion de Beaufey has been forced to marry twice against her will by her king. She lost the man she truly loved to the crusades and believes him dead. Now she has been accused of murdering both her husbands and is about to hang for her supposed crimes.

When one of Merrion’s first husband’s knights works to save her from the gallows and get her free from her odious brother-in-law, she knows it is not the end. Her brother-in-law will do anything to get her back within his clutches and see her hang for the supposed murder of his brother, her second husband. But did Merrion murder her second husband? Not even she knows for sure since she woke up in bed with him already dead with her bodice knife sticking out of his chest. She has no memory of murdering him, but she believes that she might have done so. Roberte hides in Sherwood Forest thirsting for revenge against the men who have stripped him of everything he holds dear. He is stunned to find his former love, Merrion, on the run from the Sheriff of Knottingham’s men, but he can do no other than rescue her. As much as he still loves her, he feels she betrayed him by marrying another and then refusing to see him before he left to go on the Crusades. Plus, he believes her to now be married to his most hated enemy. Merrion is strangely strongly attracted to the man behind the mask. He seems very familiar to her, but the very idea of her beloved Roberte being alive is anathma to her. Certain he is truly dead, she cannot comprehend how this outlaw Robyn Hode makes her heart race. She tries to escape from Sherwood Forest and Robyn more than once, only to be rescued each time. The more time she spends with Robyn and his men, the more she realizes she must get away because she is a danger that they cannot afford and all the good they have done would be for naught if by being there she leads their combined enemies to them. Because of this, she keeps the secret of why her brother-in-law and his men hunt her, making it hard for Roberte and others to truly trust her. However, when Roberte learns the truth of her secrets, the secrets which she has refused to tell him, will he believe her or the lies?

I truly enjoyed reading Lord of Thieves. Ms. Hyatt clearly did her research and brings the legend of Robin Hood to startling reality! This book is not your mother’s fairytale though as it is rife with the reality of the violence of the times including scenes of gang rape, and other medieval horrors, as well as, the very wonderful and beautiful romance between the hero and heroine. I do want to point out though that while Ms. Hyatt touches on these things within her story, she does not become overly graphic in the telling, which in my opinion is as it should be. While the story itself is full of fiction and the imagination of the author, it is also clearly based on historical fact and legend as much as was humanly possible since the story of Robin Hood is shrouded in myth and legend. Another thing about this book that makes it a winner in my opinion is the well-drawn out secondary characters. So often, secondary characters come out sounding flat, but Ms. Hyatt’s are larger than life, and I really loved that about this story. If you enjoy reading medieval romance that is based on facts then you do not want to miss Lord of Thieves. I for one am hoping for a sequel or two!

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