Coffee Time Romance & More




Book 2 of the Sapphire Club series
ISBN#: 9781605921341
July 2010
Noble Romance Publishing
143 Pages
Erotic Regency Romance / Elements of BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but Mrs. Desiree Huntington is very, very hot to get hers. She was ruined by a rake and forced to marry a dirty, albeit wealthy, old man, now she wants what should have been hers year ago.

As for nicknames, Lord Decadent fits the Marquess of Wycroft, Prentice Hyde, to a T. He revels in his shameless quest for sexual satisfaction and fulfills fantasies for all of those who seek his expertise.

Once her plan is set into action, Desiree is immediately overcome with doubts, but no amount of anxiety can dispel the quiver of excitement knowing that she will finally have Prentice’s hands on her once again. Years ago, the man took her virginity and never looked back, but Desiree never forgot what it was like to be held by a master. She wants that feeling again, only this time on her terms. Since the death of his wife and child, Prentice has cared for nothing beyond slaking his sexual needs, but with Desiree, he fears his heart may finally surpass his desires.

Getting exactly what she wished for has put Desiree in quite the pickle, and it is hugely entertaining watching her try to work herself out of it. She is wonderfully open and candid with her sexual desires, and thankfully never tries to play the offended maiden. Prentice is exactly what he seems, and fills his role perfectly, even if it takes him quite some time to become emotionally involved with Desiree. The Sapphire Club is a series worth every minute of your time and mine, and I want to read each and every one.

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