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ISBN#: 9781936279821
April 28, 2011
Amira Press
$ 5.99/$11.99
170 pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Michelle Lewis has lived a huge portion of her life with everyone assuming she would become the bride of Dr. Theodore Sakura. Not once has Theodore considered what she wanted; only that she would make the perfect wife. What Michelle wants is passion and excitement, and she sees that in the older of the Sakura brothers, Conner. Will she be able to convince Conner it is not his brother that she desires?

Conner has felt an undeniable attraction to the woman his brother planned to marry. With her lush curves and sensual lips, how can he not? But he knows she is just as perfect and organized as his brother, therefore, way out of his league. When she asks him to pretend they are in a relationship to thwart his brother’s long-time attraction, will he be able to pretend feelings that are all too real?

Pretending a lust that threatens to overwhelm them in reality, both walk a fine line between needs that won’t be denied. With Theodore watching their every move, they have to show a believable public lust while resisting the urges that continue to grow. Will they evolve the faux relationship into a more real love?

Hard to ignore sensual tension tightens the plot in this erotic tale of two people thrown together when their ignored attraction grows to a ravenous beast. While Theodore’s character is believably unlikable, the author did just as good a job making Connor exceedingly desirable. A lusty tale of love where it was least expected when hidden in plain sight.

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