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ISBN# 9781771272438
January 2013
MuseItUp Publishing
273 Pages
Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

After her mother passes away, Andrea Hamilton returns to Florida to begin her life again. As luck would have it, the prestigious Petroni family matriarch is looking for a companion/aid. Not only is Andrea a good fit. She has always been curious about the mysteries surrounding the family. What she does not expect is her role in the family?s drama or the dangers involved in uncovering secrets that have lain dormant for twenty years. Nor does she expect to meet and fall for the handsome detective who comes to investigate current threats to the family.

Detective Nick Gallagher has been burned in the past by a beautiful woman. His attraction for Andrea instantly puts his guard up. As he is dragged deeper into the Petroni?s case, he realizes there is more to Andrea than just another pretty face. So he will do everything to keep her safe. Her curiosity and determination make it difficult to do so, but he has never let anything get in the way of his goals. The more time he spends with her the more his admiration for her grows, until he realizes she is the one for him. Now, if he can only keep her alive long enough to solve the case.

Twenty years before, business tycoon Frank Petroni and his wife Maria lose their son, Tony, in a fatal car accident. Afterward, their daughter-in-law and granddaughter disappear into the night. The Petroni?s have searched for years with no luck. After Maria?s heart attack, they hire a young lady to help her. They keep a close eye on her because there is something about her past that strikes a chord with them. Shortly after, Andrea moves in, a new woman arrives claiming to be their long-lost granddaughter, Lisa. Now threats occur and certain family members begin getting hurt. Does it all connect somehow to Tony?s accident all those years before? And what if it is not an accident after all?

Long Shadows is a delightful suspense-mystery novel. There are many twists and surprises throughout the story. The reader is kept guessing all the way to the end. For every secret unveiled, a new one takes its place. In the midst of the thrills and anticipations, a new and exciting romance is delivered into the mix. I have always enjoyed a book that has a love story within the overlying plot. It is the perfect ingredient to make any tale richer and more expressive. To top it off, the ending is a wonderful surprise. Just as a mystery ending should be.

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