Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 0-9677459-0-X
June 2001
Studio Loplop
280 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Claire is a psychologist. She is very attractive and looking for something new in her sex life. Her cyber lover Andres helps her to some extent but she needs something more.

Nick is an artist and very inventive when it comes to sex. He is in his late thirties, cocky, and arrogant, but handsome. He can be very sweet at times and bossy at others.

Claire is ready to explore her sexuality and Nick and Andres are her guides. She will explore new things, old things and find her limits.

Claire has quite a time in this novel. She has quite a variety of experiences and the author is quite graphic in her descriptions of each and every encounter, particularly the final one. Many will find this novel offensive at times and there are instances where her consent is not quite clear, which can be disturbing. The characters are well developed and quite witty, though they slip into various other languages at times making it difficult for the reader who is not multilingual. It will also be helpful to have a dictionary or thesaurus handy as the author’s vocabulary is beyond the average reader’s, it was certainly beyond mine, though I am not averse to learning something new. This is a pretty hard core erotica book and fans of that genre will enjoy it, but the average reader should take note of the warning.

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