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ISBN# To Be Determined
March 2009
Hearts on Fire Books
136 pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Colonel Kendrick Landry is in command of the space craft Aurora. While finishing up the current assignment the Aurora receives an extremely old distress message.

Andrea Varnak is the Aurora's science officer. With her help, Landry and the crew of the Aurora are off to investigate what happened to the crew of the Haskins mission that left Earth some several hundred years ago.

When the crew arrives at Alpha Centauri B III they find the descendants of the Haskins mission, and a race of Lizard people living together inside a dome on the planet's surface. But Landry and his crew soon discover that the relationship between the Lizards and the Humans is not one of equality. The Lizards have enslaved the humans. Now a decision must be made, to help the humans or to stay out of the situation.

On the continuing adventures of Landry and the crew of the starship Aurora the reader is sucked right in. This book is absolutely wonderful, and does not disappoint. The characters and story line are all well thought out and well written. This book has everything a Science Fiction fan could want, intrigue, mystery, battles, and enough other worldly technology to have you begging for more. If Science Fiction stories is what you crave this book is for you.

Warning: Some Graphic Violence

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