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ISBN#: 9780060819279
August 2010
EOS an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
256 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Finding a confidant and life-long friend is not easy for those with the “gift,” or curse as some may see it, but Mary Todd Lincoln and Mercy Levering Conkling have been very fortunate. Mary’s dreams foretell of a future filled with blood and anguish, but it is Mercy who will take those dreams and navigate time and space to unravel their meaning.

As far as Confederate Captain Cole Younger has ever known is that we have one life and what happens past, present, and future is under no one’s control. But he is about to learn that life follows a very different path when you have the ability to manoeuvre and manipulate history.

On just one more bloody battlefield in the ongoing fight between the Union and Confederate armies, and the Indians, there is born a sword covered in blood and bearing the ability to bring suffering or salvation to those who possess it. In Mary’s dreams, she has seen this sword, and Mercy will take it upon herself to traverse time in order to find it. Cole is also enlisted on this crusade, but time and again, he will encounter obstacles in his path, and garner an infamous reputation in the process. There is but one certainty, and that is, if the sword does not reach its destination the Union will fall, and horror unlike anything imaginable will descend upon the land.

With two running timelines and a plethora of opposing characters it is very easy to find yourself backtracking and re-evaluating this story. The most intriguing factor is wrapping your mind around traveling through time, and how some of these characters cross paths and purposes. At times there are those whose integrity is questionable, but as the story unfolds, their humanity holds true. I believe I could read this several more times, and for every read a different twist or turn would be revealed.

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