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ISBN #9780425238554
January 2011
Trade Paperback
351 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Cleopatra Selene is the daughter of the famous Cleopatra and Mark Antony. She is very young, but well aware of her place and her responsibilities to the people of Egypt. She is strong, intelligent, and most of all practical.

Octavian is the ruler of the Roman Empire and the captor/guardian of Cleopatra and her two brothers. He is sickly, but very intelligent and determined. Despite his closeness to his sister and his wife, he has no trust in women.

When Cleopatra commits suicide, she leaves behind three children: the twins, Selene and Helios, and little Philadelphus. These children are paraded through the streets of Rome as trophies and installed in the home of Octavian’s sister, Octavia, who is also a former wife of their father, Mark Antony. The children are forced to learn Roman ways. Helios rebels and Selene is determined to save her beloved Egypt in a different way, by making Octavian an ally instead of an enemy.

I really enjoyed this unique look into the lives of some little known historical figures. Much is written about Cleopatra, but her children are largely lost to history. The author brings them back to life and has obviously done a great deal of research into the era and the characters she depicts. Ancient Rome is vividly drawn, and I was fascinated by the depictions of the Imperial family and Cleopatra’s children. Selene is a very strong character with great intelligence and common sense that seemed to be lacking at times in her twin. She is a definite survivor, and I was glad to read her story.

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