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ISBN: 1606019694
October 2010
Siren Publishing
91 Pages
Erotic Romance; Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Lilly grew up with Riley, Christian, and Tallinn. When a tragic accident turns her world upside down, she leaves her home and career to return to Burkett where Riley and Tallinn now reside.

Riley is a doctor. His caring and knowledgeable ways are known far and wide.

Tallinn is a strong man and while he is silent, his very presence tends to make people listen to him. Starting in the military when he was young, he is now a Captain in the Marines.

When Lilly returns to Burkett, Colorado, she knows immediately it is going to be hard. Seeing Riley and Tallinn again has her emotions on overload. Soon, though, her feelings of friendship turn to much more for both of her best friends and she can only hope they feel the same way. What will happen when Riley and Tallinn realize she loves both of them and does not want to choose between them? Can they make it work, or will she return to the life she had before returning to Burkett?

Lilly’s Surrender is a beautifully told tale. The emotions that overcame Lilly throughout this novel are felt quite well. I could practically feel her tears as she suffers the emotional loss of her friend. The anguish that both Riley and Tallinn feel as well just makes this story all the more realistic and had my heart aching for them. On top of the already fantastic story, Ms. Snow added in the physical aspects of the book and it just made this tale complete. Each touch, every breath, all the caresses made between the three lovers heightened my awareness and made it seem as if I could actually feel the lust and love coming through the book. What a sensational read this is!

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