Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781454301578
8 March 2012
Red Rose Publishing
363 Pages
Erotic, BDSM, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Five years have felt like an eternity for Casey Riske as she has missed her ex-husband every minute of every day he has been gone. She must steel her emotions, however, because he is coming back to help with their son, not rekindle their love affair.

The hardest thing Damian Ballantine ever did is walk away from Casey and their son Miles, but it has to be done. His drinking has so completely consumed him it is almost a relief when Casey finally kicks him out.

Damian’s accident in Alabama nearly kills him. Still he cannot let Casey back in his life. Seeing her now is like a punch to his gut. He has never stopped loving her. Even when he tries to move on with Reese, he knows it will never be the same, but being with her again scares him to death. Casey wants her husband back in the worst way, but it is becoming terrifyingly clear that someone wants Damian gone, maybe permanently. They have so much to talk through and work out, but Damian and Casey are put on the defensive right away by a very dangerous and determined adversary.

If there is one thing in this book that really stands out, it is Damian’s struggle with alcoholism. I am glad to see it is portrayed in such a way that you get a real feel for how hard he has to fight every day to stay sober and how it affects his mood and behavior. The relationship between Casey and Damian shows its effects, and at times has an almost manic feel to it. The issues dealt with in this story are timely and realistic and in my opinion make the story more believable than the romance between the characters.

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