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ISBN #: 978-0-9841965-9-3
Seraphina Press
154 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Tom McQueen has degrees in philosophy and theology and more than 25 years experience as a family and marriage therapist. He conducts inspirational workshops and seminars and is a personal coach. He never knew his grandparents, so when he became a parent, he started writing letters to his family in order to share the life lessons that only a father and grandfather can. He serves as president of the American Family Foundation and founded Legacy Nation, a national movement to encourage letter writing as a way to leave a legacy of faith, hope, and love in the lives of our children & grandchildren. Mr. McQueen decided to start Legacy Nation as a way to get other parents and grandparents to become more involved in writing, recording, and/or video-taping a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

In this collection of letters to his young grandson, Tom McQueen offers advice and guidance in dealing with every day issues. He reveals his own missteps and achievements and his own allegories as well as a collection of quotes and poems that have impacted his own life leaving plenty to ponder. While sharing his life experiences he affects, inspires, and comforts while stimulating, reassuring, and consoling as he rouses, heartens, and emboldens Ethan.

Tom McQueen has not only left his grandson a legacy, but he has provided readers with warm words of guidance for many topics we may face. I had two wonderful grandfathers who have passed away and this beautiful book brought me closer to them than I have felt in years. I cannot imagine how Ethan must feel to know how much love and faith his grandfather has for him. This is not simply a book of letters but an heirloom to pass on to generations to come or the start of a great tradition. His words might not have been written for me, but they called to my heart, they inspired me. They brought me to tears and left me with smiles I do not think that I can eloquently enough describe the advice and guidance in this gift of love. His years as a marriage and family therapist benefit not only his grandson but also any reader willing to give his advice and wisdom a chance. He does not claim to know all the answers, but he does share with Ethan and us the answers to his own questions. It is a great mixture of his own experiences and those of great role models scholars and everday people. The book is littered with inspirational quotes and information on many different topics. While for review purposes I read this book through in one sitting, I imagine it to be very useful for readers to use the index by subject and read the necessary letter to uplift their spirits or guide them in a decision or such lessons from an elder. Or, just to garner some peace of mind that we are not alone that everyone goes through life sharing some of our beliefs and feelings. Before I had even gotten to the conclusion and read of Tom's campaign for parents and grandparents to write their own letters to their children and grandchildren, I vowed to write to mine if I'm ever so blessed.

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