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Book 1 - The Magicians and Mrs. Quent
Book 2 - Letters from Sweetwater

ISBN# (10) 978 1926625315 / (13) 978-1926625317
August 20, 2009
Revival Nation Publishing
440 pages
Rating: 2 cups

Sweetwater is a place where Jesse Gernon has seen a glimpse of Glory Land. Good and evil are actual forces in this sleepy part of North Carolina. Will evil test Jesse or will he stay strong in his beliefs and not only keep his family together but make it stronger?

Keith, Jesse’s uncle, comes to town to try to cause chaos and reveal a secret that may destroy their family. A stranger tells him not to. Keith then gets bacterial meningitis, a rare but potentially fatal disease that blocks the blood vessels to his brain and causes permanent brain damage and due to that damage, amnesia.

Will they ever find out the secret that Keith holds in his lost memory? Who was the stranger who advised against him revealing the secret?

Slow to start, Letters from Sweetwater twists and turns in a rumbling fashion with all the grace of a slow moving mountain stream. It is beautiful in verbiage; however, lacking in subplot. The suspense isn’t altogether that suspenseful, but it is intended more to be a moving story, driving the reader to faith and epiphany. It was lacking insofar as the method of storytelling, which was at times frustrating to read.

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