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ISBN: 978-1-4022-3701-0
February 2010
Sourcebooks Casablanca, an Imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc.
480 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

One must have true talent to perfect the art of being a wallflower, and Lady Callista Taillefaire is a master, blending in seamlessly and never drawing attention. Thrice jilted by her fiancés, Callie has come to the determination that she much prefers the company of her farm animals to people and most especially “gentlemen.”

Mischief and mayhem are entirely too much fun and unfortunately even easier to come by for Trevelyn d’Augustin, Duc de Monceaux. He has a terrible habit of getting himself into situations that tend to snowball into a great deal of trouble at the slightest provocation.

Callie has one blessed joy in her life, and that is tending to her beloved bull, Hubert, but even the great beast pales when she remembers the adventures of her youth at Trev’s side. Those were wondrous times, and she never imagined feeling that way again, until Trev returns ten years later. The pain and heartache of having him disappear all those years ago are hard to forget, and his decidedly French manner of teasing and flirting with her lances the heart. Trev tries time and again to show Callie his feelings, but she is forever skeptical, and with a track record like his, he can only surmise that she is better off without him.

It is with great joy that I found this lovely historical romance to be anything but pretentious and stuffy. There is such intelligence and wit behind the perfectly English dialogue and French innuendos that the characters fairly crackle with energy and life. Though they are entirely too self-deprecating, Callie and Trev are tremendous champions for each other. I adore their story, and am quite sure they will find a place in your heart as well.

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