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ISBN# 9780857990167
10 January 2013
Escape Publishing - Harlequin Enterprises Australia
$4.99 AU
288 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Alana Knight is a space captain whose last mission has gone horribly wrong. Searching for an escape from her guilt, she volunteers to escort colonists for a risky mission. Her duty is altered to keeping them safe and finding their way home, after they are betrayed and sold. But she also finds herself intensely attracted to her new “owner”. Now torn between escaping, her attraction to her captor is a conflict whose danger encompasses galaxies.

Tarak El Rajan, a human, is a commander in the Darkon army. His race is on the brink of extinction due to war and virus. So he intends to take the women to Isla, like his standing orders state. These women are not like the quiet and demure ones of his race. Their leader, Alana, is the most difficult one. Only a few know of the true purpose of Isla, events will have him going against customs and family to save the woman he has confusingly come to love.

The war the Darkons are fighting is over a power source, along with enabling deep space travel that has the potential to become a devastating weapon. At first it is believed that all is lost. Then the women bring options–one for their race’s new life, the other for revolutionary changes to their male-dominated world. The changes will have to be accepted, even if it goes against their ancient customs, with the women having to be kept safe in order for the Darkon race to have a chance.

Despite frustrations, I still find this book an engaging read I have a hard time putting down. Things like love, trust and even the idea of slave versus mate seems to flip between the two extremes, with Alana and Tarak. Alana is impulsive and has the tendency to be immature, which creates some annoying moments. I hope that, if there is another book, the discrepancies are smoothed out. In spite of them, I like the story and think that the new world has a lot of promise

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