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Tall, Dark, and Dominant Series

Book 1: Managing Macy
Book 2: Taking on Tabytha
Book 3: Legally Binding

Tall, Dark, and Dominant Series, Book 3
November 23, 2011
Ellora’s Cave
111 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

In no way was this vacation Katherine Cartwell’s idea, but her bosses practically forced her out of the office. She would much rather be comfortably ensconced at her desk instead of sitting on a beach with sand stuck in all the wrong places.

It is not often Julian Morrell gets shot down, and he takes it as a challenge. He sees submissive written all over the sexy little lawyer on the beach, and he wants to be the Dom to break her ice.

Kat cannot believe the audacity of Julian Morrell, but she also cannot deny her body’s reaction. The man twists her in knots with just a look, and that is something the savvy courtroom lawyer is not accustomed to feeling. Julian is hard pressed to explain his need to get under Kat’s skin, and yet he is helpless to stop his pursuit. She could be the one to change his life, and that scares him more than anything.

On the outside Kat has her ice-queen persona down pat, but underneath, you get a real sense of the turmoil that twists her heart. I personally find her initial reaction to Julian casts a pall over her personality, and makes her character look childish and insecure. However, Julian sees through all of that to the heart of the woman, and it makes the story to see him break down those barriers. He takes Kat to heights she could only dream of, and this is where you really get a feel for the woman she longs to be.

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