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Book 1 in The Moonlight Breed Series
ISBN#: 1610340558
January 2011
Siren Publishing
156 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Shape-shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Braxton Carmichael is an author of graphic novels. He broke up with his boyfriend, Mason, when he caught him in their bed with another man.

Alexander “Xander” Brighton is not everything that he seems. Braxton also happens to be his mate.

Mason is Braxton’s ex and a man who is determined to continue insinuating himself into Braxton’s life because Braxton has something he wants very badly.

When Braxton finds himself still fending off his ex-boyfriend seven months later, enough has become enough. He tells Mason in no uncertain terms to get lost, too bad Mason has no intention of doing any such thing. Instead the man shoves him into the middle of traffic where Braxton nearly gets hit and faints dead away right there in the street. When he finally comes to, the most luscious voice he has ever heard is talking to him. Too bad, Mason is trying to play the concerned boyfriend at the same time because all Braxton wants to do is get to know the man who almost hit him. When he finally gets his ex to leave with the help of his new found hunk, the ambulance arrives and takes him away before they can do anything more than exchange names. Xander himself is stunned, because he nearly ran into his mate, and it only takes one whiff of the man for Xander to know fate has meant Braxton for him. There is only one problem, well, two, Braxton is human and Xander is a shifter, and the man has a really obnoxious ex-boyfriend who does not want to get gone. Still Xander has no intention of letting his mate get away from him, and when it becomes clear that Mason is a threat to Braxton, getting the man to understand what he means to him and what he is to him becomes even more imperative. Will Xander be able to convince Braxton that they are meant to be together, or will Braxton’s ex kill him first?

Whew! This is one emotional roller coaster ride of a read, and I loved it! While I love a good sex scene as much as the next reader, I really liked how Ms. Evans took the time to build up the emotional side of Xander and Braxton’s relationship before she took it to the next level. The world building and how it relates to what Xander and his brothers are in their world of shifters is very unique from what I have read in other stories about shifters. Because of this, the story really kept my attention. I also loved how all Xander wanted to do was protect and love Braxton, and how he was willing to allow Braxton to control what happened between them until he was ready for their relationship to become a deeper one. This is a fantastic story, and one that I am more than happy to recommend!

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