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Masters of the Shadowlands Series
Book 1: Club Shadowlands
Book 2: Dark Citadel
Book 3: Breaking Free
Book 4: Lean on Me
Book 5: Make Me, Sir
Book 6: To Command and Collar
Book 7: This is Who I Am
Book 8: If Only

Book 4 of the Masters of the Shadowlands Series
ISBN: 978-1-60737-558-6
March, 2010
Loose Id Publications
158 Pages
BDSM Erotic Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Andrea comes from a family of criminals, and has her own record. Interested in bondage, she is thrilled when she gets a chance to be a trainee at the Shadowlands and meets her trainer, Cullen. Unfortunately, everyone knows he never has relations with the trainees.

Cullen is more than just the trainer and bar-tender at Shadowlands; he is also a cop, which terrifies Andrea. What he wants though, is the sexy new trainee who challenges him, even though he knows she wants him.

When Andrea is accused of stealing, she builds the protective walls around her even higher. Will Cullen be able to break through, or will this be the end of their Master and submissive love affair?

Lean On Me is wonderfully clever and a great installment of the Masters of Shadowlands series. This is a unique behind the scenes look at a BDSM club. Cullen and Andrea have a great connection and it moves easily from the work relationship to the completely hot sexual one. The beach scene is one of my favorites. The backgrounds of the lead characters are integral to the story and are smoothly blended. The dialogue works well and the supporting characters are essential to the story but do not take over. Along with the excellent sub-plots is more hot sex, mostly of the BDSM kind, but done in a very loving manner. Andrea is a little too independent, especially with the large family, but it is somewhat understandable. Congratulations to Ms Sinclair for an excellent addition to this series.

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