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ISBN# not available
15th August 2009
Sugar and Spice Press
241 pages
Contemporary Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Ellen Howlett has been living in her grandmother’s house since she inherited it just a few months earlier. Although she is grateful for what she has, the little money she inherited did not last long, and Ellen is desperate for an extra income to top up her lowly earnings as an author. So she jumps at the chance to work at the bank until, that is, she finds she will be working with her hunky and very popular neighbor.

Martin Smythe loved the old lady next door and hates the fact that the granddaughter she spoke so highly of does nothing but sit around all day wasting the money his friend saved so hard for. Despite his anger about her attitude toward money, Martin finds himself feeling more and more for the sexy Ms Howlett. But his feelings for her are the least of his problems, when his very shallow ex-girlfriend reappears in his life, determined to become Mrs Smythe.

Martin does not fully trust Ellen, regardless of how much he cares for her. He knows how much money she inherited; he was the one who helped her grandmother arrange everything. But he cannot understand what she has done with all the money. Ellen does not live an extravagant life, and she does not seem to go anywhere or do anything. Ellen is falling for Martin but how can she trust him when he has all these young girls in and out of his house, often staying the night.

Leaf letters shows exactly what happens when people jump to conclusions and do not talk to each other. Both Ellen and Martin have made decisions about the other without talking to each other. I enjoyed watching as both of them fight their own demons and fears before they can even face each other. Ms Ashley has given us a captivating story of trust with the added spice of an erotic element.

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