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Death on Demand Series
  Book 1- Death on Demand
  Book 2- Design for Murder
  Book 3- Something Wicked
  Book 4 - Honeymoon With Murder
  Book 5 - A Little Class on Murder

Book 6 - Deadly Valentine

  Book 7 - The Christie Caper
  Book 8 - Southern Ghost
  Book 9 - Mint Julep Murder
  Book 10 - Yankee Doodle Dead
  Book 11 - White Elephant Dead
  Book 12 - Sugarplum Dead
  Book 13 - April Fool Dead
  Book 14 - Engaged to Die
  Book 15 - Murder Walks the Plank
  Book 16 - Death of the Party
  Book 17 - Dead Days of Summer
  Book 18 - Death Walked In
  Book 19 - Dare to Die
  Book 20 - Laughed 'Til he Died

Book #20 in the Death on Demand Mystery series
ISBN- 9780061453090
April 6, 2010
William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
$24.99 US
282 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Jean Hughes used to be a singer in a nightclub, but a man shows up one night and convinces her to move to Broward’s Rock, South Carolina. The job he suggests for her is to be the director at Haven - a place for kids to hang out. Attendance rises as Jean takes over, and the kids of Haven love her.

Booth Wagner is the person who laughs at other people’s misfortunes. As you can imagine, that trait has made him more than a few enemies. He is a hateful man who does not like it when other people can get a laugh at his expense.

Booth brought in Jean Hughes to the director of Haven because he knew it would upset more than one person on the board. When Jean refuses to bend to his will, Booth plays dirty. He tries to turn the board against her and threatens to kick her out of her home. A man with enemies should never turn his back and that is exactly what Booth does. Booth is shot at a Haven talent show when the lights go out. The hunt begins for a killer and the Darlings find themselves involved in the investigation. The death of a teenage boy was overlooked as an accident, but was it? Or is there a tie to Booth Wagner’s murder?

The Darlings are back for another go around in this twentieth installment of the Death on Demand series. While this series is familiar to a lot of readers, this one is just as fresh and new as the first. With familiar characters to draw her readers in, Ms. Hart keeps them hanging by their fingernails with this latest addition. I enjoy visiting with my friends who reside within the pages of these books, but when there is a mystery to be solved, I know I am in for a long night of reading. I encourage you to pull up a chair at Death on Demand, settle in for a conversation, and see what else will happen to the characters of Broward’s Rock.

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