Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #: 9780803476592
August 2011
Avalon Books
$ 23.95
192 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lila Hayes works full time and goes to college. She has just dumped a cheating boyfriend who owes her three thousand dollars. She is much more attractive than she knows—the boyfriend has not helped her confidence.

Jackson Koble is the son and partner of the owner of a very successful tour boat business. The death of his beloved father has shaken him. He is very handsome and charming, and too smart to fall for the wiles of his fellow employees.

Lila is in pretty dire financial straits. Just after she dumps her cheating thief of a boyfriend, her job is eliminated due to the economy. Her boss offers her the option to work at one of the company’s resorts, and she jumps at the chance. The work is hard, the hours are long and the pay is lousy, but she is desperate to save up her pay for tuition. She has no interest in men, but Jackson is determined to change her mind. But when he disappears and so does her hard earned savings, is she being victimized again?

Despite Lila’s circumstances, this is a pretty lighthearted story with many humorous moments. Lila’s job in the resort’s daycare program provides many of these lighter moments. The romance between the two is a bit different. Jackson seems to have fallen in love at first sight, and his reactions to Lila are a bit over the top. Lila’s lack of interest in the men of the resort is a bit extreme, turning her into a challenge for the resident Lotharios. The evil desk clerk seems to be heading for termination, at the very least. This is a fast and enjoyable read.

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