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Otherworld Assassins, Book 1
ISBN# 9781451671599/9781451671612
26 December 2012
Pocket Books
436 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The closest place to hell on Earth is Cirque de Monstres, whose ring master is Jecis Lukas, Vika’s father. As his father’s evil continues to grow, Vika knows there will be no stopping him. She can only pray that soon she will have what she needs to run.

Life on Earth has not been easy for otherworlders. Some however, like Solomon Judah, have found a place, albeit one that goes against anything his race would approve. His people are loving and peaceful beings. He, instead, is an assassin.

Vika has shed rivers of tears for the cruelty her father inflicts his captives, knowing someday she will free them all or die trying. His latest acquisition is the biggest, most beautiful and dangerous otherworlder she has ever seen, which only increases the level of her father’s viciousness. Despite all odds, Solo knows he will get free, vowing to end the reign of terror that Jecis heaps on those around him, especially Vika. Her beauty, kindness and strength are boundless, and Solo will give up everything to see her safe from her father’s evil.

Circuses have often been the source of controversy and suspicion. This story targets the corruption that simmers beneath the surface. Vika is as much a prisoner of her father as Solo, beaten down so many times for so long it gets harder to pick herself up again. In his own way, Solo is just as defeated, until Vika revives him with her kindness and caring. I love that this story is so much more than aliens and humans, focusing on the heart of the characters and their drive for a better life.

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