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Heat Wave Series, Book 2
ISBN#: 9780988436909
October 2012
230 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Instant chemistry is what happens when Sunny Black mixes drinks. She makes concoctions and they taste like works of art. Gavin McLeod is soon to find out with the help of those at Blackout Bar and Grill.

Life is mostly business with Gavin. Working with the powerful Max Holden, being his right-hand man, and now preparing to take over his position, Gavin has groomed himself for every possibility life throws. Taking care to make his boss's daughter Callie satisfied is a full time job without his every day expectations. He has done a lot over the years for the man who brought him aboard and keeps giving to him. Gavin feels he owes Max a lot.

Life throws a loop when some chemistry is felt beyond the mixtures Sunny makes with the bottles at the bar. She finds out her admirer is not just looking for good times. He is looking to put the building she works in out of commission. Also, is there a threat to her and Robby's life if she pursues working and maintaining her business?

This book is direct, straight to the point, and full of strong personalities. The main characters are stubborn, sizzling, and ready to get what they want. Boy, will they! They have enough fire to light up a town. But will someone end up hurt? Will this be fatal because someone let their guard down? The author not only has a way with words but keeps you engrossed the entire book. This book gets 4 cups and only because I am comparing it to the first I read from her. It could easily get a higher rating if this was the first novel I read of hers. She sets the bar high.

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