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ISBN: 9780709090571
May 31, 2010
Robert Hale Limited
223 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lady Olivia Farquhar has a tarnished reputation, one that has led to the loss of her son. Determined to get Julian back, she devises a plan.

Max Atherton was not used to taking care of a child. But once he had Julian in his household, he found he loved everything about his new ward.

Pretending to be a poor widow with an impeccable reputation, Olivia soon finds herself sheltered in Max’s house. She finds herself falling for her late husband’s cousin but is terrified that he might be as cruel and twisted as her husband was. Max needs to marry for money but his heart yearns for Olivia and he tries to find some way that they can be together. What will happen when Max finds out that Olivia is the notorious Lady Farquhar and will she be able to get her son back?

I thought the revelations and struggles Olivia goes through to rediscover her independence was written wonderfully. It makes you as the reader relate to her suffering, pain, and growth as you see her go from a shell of a woman to someone who should be proud of all she has survived. Ms. Eikli tells a story that shows a woman who is absolutely controlled and manipulated by all those around her. Max is shown as a man who has great faith in who Olivia is until her unselfish actions are shown in a wicked light. This is a good novel with a nice storyline.

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