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ISBN# 9781419934193
May 2011
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
136 Pages
Regency Historical
Rating: 2 Cups

Lady Eliza is forced to submit to sexual assault to save the life of her niece. Degraded, she wants revenge when she sees her tormenter again, but not all is as it appears. She needs to know who is behind the threat to her family and will not stop until they are discovered.

Chamberly is devastated at being trapped and forced to perform a sex act for an audience. When he realizes the woman involved was as much a victim as he, nothing will stop him from protecting those he cares about, including Eliza. When he offers her a reputation saving marriage, she demands it be sexless.

The pair are looking for the villain who threatens their loved ones, and they are not going to stop until he is caught. At the same time, they realize how much they are coming to love each other, which might make them a bigger target.

A very unusual story, and I loved the blackmail element until it turned into an assault. Romantic as the couple became, and as wonderful as their characters were, it was still sexual assault. For me this turned a hot romantic book into something disgusting. It is too bad, because Ms. Mathews is a talented writer and almost every other element of the story was good. I also found the introduction a wee disjointed. The good and bad characters were presented in a manner that lets readers see the reason, albeit some twisted, for their actions. I might read more from Ms. Mathews, because she is a skillful writer.

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