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ISBN#: 9781605420639/ 1605420638
November 2009
Medallion Press, Inc.
$7.95 USA/ $8.95 CAN
298 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Miss Harmony Simmons is mourning the loss of her parents even as she begins a new adventure abroad. With her mother’s passing, she travels from her ranch in western America to England to meet and stay with her estranged sister. On the way from the ship to her new home, Harmony and Agatha are thrust into the path of a highwayman demanding they empty their pockets.

Anthony Allen, Lord Farmington finds the one blue sapphire ring taken by the thief and returns it to Harmony, only to be stunned by the redhead’s beauty. Thus he begins to court the American girl in hopes of winning her heart.

What Anthony does not realize is that while Harmony and he are falling in love, Agatha begins to unravel his mysterious background. No one in polite society and the surrounding counties have ever heard of a current Lord Farmington and she wants to know who Anthony is exactly and where his home residence is. When the jewel thief strikes at a dinner party being held in Anthony’s honor, the deed points toward Anthony being the culprit. Will Harmony be able to prove that her love is not the thief everyone has come to think he is before his life is terminated from the hangman’s noose?

Lady Blue is one intense moment after another as the story rolls around with stunning moments of highwaymen, passion, mystery, anger, greed, lust, envy, emotional abuse, and one heck of a heroine. Anthony is a man whose ambiguity will have every reader racing to finish this dramatic novel just to figure out who exactly Lord Farmington is. Meanwhile, Harmony is another character in which every booklover will come to appreciate as she struggles to fit into what her sister considers is her own twisted version of a morally correct society. Agatha brings about a new and unique villain as her warped mind distorts who Harmony is while seeing her through her own petty jealousies and envious thoughts. Ms. Rosburg has written a fast-paced, heart-racing, suspense-filled romance that left me with a huge smile and I am definitely a new fan of this outstanding author and hope to read more of her sensational novels in the years to come!

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