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ISBN# (13)9780758269102/10: 0758269102
August 2013
Kensington Publishing Corporation
$9.95 US/$10.95 CAN
352 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cultivating a bad girl image does not work out how Lady Imaculata Anne Egremont hopes. So she is on to her next plan. Working as a housekeeper in the far reaches of Wales will keep her father from finding her anytime soon, hopefully until she will be able to access her inheritance and flee for good.

The last few months Major Gareth Ripton-Jones has done his level best to numb himself against the world. Losing his arm is bad enough. Being suspected of murder is decidedly worse. But losing the family estate is just about more than he can swallow.

Anne is quite worried she may have gone from the frying pan right into the fire. Working with Gareth is an uphill battle most days, yet Anne becomes convinced that he could be the answer to her prayers. If Anne gets her money, they will both be set. Gareth would gladly forgo the money, if it meant keeping Anne by his side. Her radiance has given him a reason to live again. If she leaves, he fears he will never recover.

With a personality to match her fiery mane, Lady Anne is a little bitty fireball. Even when her unconventional approach to problem solving leaves her open to ridicule, she never gives up. Gareth needs a strong woman to help him find his way back. With Anne, he may have a chance. It is fun to see a couple who makes use of their trials and tribulations to build a future and have a great time doing it.

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