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Sugar Maple Chronicles

Book 1: Casting Spells
Book 2: Laced with Magic
Book 3: Spun by Sorcery
Book 4: Spells & Stitches

ISBN#: 9780425227527/ 9781101106037/ 9781101107119/ 9781101106570
August 2009
The Berkley Publishing group, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Print/ eBook
$15.00 USA/ $18.50 CAN
352 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As the owner of a very successful knitting shop, Sticks & Strings, and the girlfriend of sexy police Chief Luke MacKenzie, Chloe Hobbs' life should be idyllic. But as mayor of Sugar Maples, Vermont, it is her job to elect a new police chief when Luke’s contract runs out. While she wants him to stay on the job, the fact that he is the only full-blooded human in the town has others contemplating a change.

Luke loves Chloe, of that there is no doubt. But all the vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters and many other non-human beings that cross his path on a daily basis have him a little leery of staying in Sugar Maples for good. Just as he thinks the town cannot get any stranger, Karen, a woman from his past, comes back with shocking news.

His dead daughter has been contacting his ex-wife in hopes of getting in touch with Luke. Chloe knew that her boyfriend was previously married but he withheld the information about his daughter, which cuts deep. Before they can hash out their future, they must contend with Karen, an evil being from Chloe's past, Luke's kidnapped daughter who just happens to be a ghost, and a town that is either ready to elect him or leave him for dead. Will Chloe be able to tap into her new found powers and save the day once again, or will it mean the end of their world as they know it?

Laced with Magic is a fun and yet sad novel that shows the opposite side of humanity versus the paranormal world. To have a town that is full of mystical creatures with one human as a resident opposed to the usual hidden paranormal beings in a town full of humans is a unique take on a story. Although parts of the book were confusing due to a previous novel, Ms. Bretton had me hoping for the best between Luke and Chloe. The ending was a real shocker and has me anticipating that the author will continue along this storyline.

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