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ISBN: 9780803477124
February 2011
Avalon Books
192 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sarah Steele has moved from Richmond, Virginia to the glamorous Hollywood California. She needed a change after her ex-fiancé broke her heart.

Jake Rappaport cannot believe that Sarah Steele is going to be opposing counsel. She is the proverbial girl who got away in college.

Sarah is determined to win this case but frankly she is terrified, not of Jake but because she feels she is a fraud. For his part, Rappaport cannot believe that Steele does not remember him. When she does, it makes Sarah all the more aware of him on an intimate basis because they share a past. Can Sarah win her case or will Jake use all of his suave techniques to seduce her agenda out of her?

Labor Relations kind of reminds me of one of those “he said, she said” movies where the banter back and forth is more like foreplay than actual arguing. I thought the way Ms. Lee has the two lawyers having met before and having Sarah take the oh-so debonair Jake down a peg as a college man just added to the tension in the book. The obstacles that stand in the way throughout this story made this tale seem more realistic as Jake and Sarah struggle with their feelings for each other. Labor Relations is a novel that is fun, entertaining, and with enough romance to keep you coming back for more.

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