Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 978-0-06-176549-0
June 2010
320 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Megan is a wife and mother. She is still beautiful even after twenty years of marriage and is very talented at knitting, cooking, and gardening. She does not see her own worth and is afraid to break out of her world.

Elizabeth is in Comfort to try to find her purpose in life. She has dreams of her Polish grandmother which guide her in her quest. Her boyfriend is a famous chef and loves her, but does not value her as a person. She needs to grow up before she can move on.

Comfort, North Carolina can be anything but. The Purls are a group of women who get together to knit projects they later auction off for charity. They also share their problems and support each other. Megan in particular will need these women when a secret her husband has been keeping is exposed.

This is a wonderful book about relationships and friendship. Megan is a strong character in a very bad situation. I only wish that her sociopath of a husband got more justice than he did. His mother is the poster child for denial and I felt sorry for Megan who has to put up with the woman and her fantasy version of her son all the time. The other Purls are a very diverse bunch, each with their own trials and triumphs, I felt like I knew each one. The subplot paralleling the main story is riveting and provides a bit of the supernatural. I liked the Elizabeth character very much, despite her impulsive habit of speaking and acting before she thinks. She has a very big heart and ultimately helps everyone. David is another interesting character with a lot of potential. Enjoy this one, I did.

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