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ISBN#: 9780373067398
June 2010
Harlequin Medical
187 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

As a child, Annika Kolovsky was her parents' little princess, doted on, spoiled, and paraded around like the jewel of the family, but that is no longer her life. She dared to question her parents' past, and then her role in the House of Kolovsky as well, by wanting a career in nursing.

There is a restlessness about Dr. Ross Wyatt that he attributes to his Romany heritage. He has a job he loves and a ranch that soothes his soul, but finding the right woman to share all of that with has always been just out of reach.

Ross has once again stepped away from a relationship that for some reason fails to fill a void that he has trouble identifying, but he knows it is there. He hates that he has hurt the women in his past, and vows to keep his distance, but it does not escape his notice that his heart races every time he lays eyes on Annika Kolovsky. Annika’s life is in complete turmoil, her family is in crisis and constantly in the news, her desire to become a nurse is slowly crumbling, and now Ross is invading her every thought. She is a Kolovsky, and as such must maintain a distance from everyone around her, but with Ross, she feels a freedom that could very easily destroy the wall that protects her heart.

The forms of child abuse are as varied as they are painful, and in the Kolovsky clan they seem to run rampant. Annika’s character suffers silently as her family forces their will upon her, and though she is now an adult, you can very much feel how that control has shaped her life. The subtle control and shaping of her life makes you wonder if she is not much more than a puppet, until Ross comes into her life. You can literally feel her blossoming under his love, and for the first time, she has the support to live her own life.

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