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All the King's Men Series, Book 3
ISBN #978-0-446-55986-7
June 2010
Grand Central
Mass Market Paperback
416 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Linnet is a famous beauty both in England and France. She is a good friend of the Queen and a very successful cloth merchant like her grandfather. She is the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman and has a twin brother Francois.

Sir Jamie Rayburn is a well known and honorable soldier from a well respected family. He is not the heir to the estates and needs to marry a wealthy woman. He lost his heart to Linnet five years ago and as much as he has tried to forget her, he cannot.

Linnet and Jamie were once in love, but Linnet's need to get revenge on the men who took advantage of her terminally ill grandfather overshadowed that love and caused an irreparable rift in their relationship. Five years later, she is no longer a fifteen year old girl but a wealthy widow with powerful court connections. Jamie is still angry, but finds that the attraction has not faded even if he does not trust her. Linnet has bigger problems than her lost love; she is very close to finding the man who masterminded her family's downfall, her friend the Queen is starting an inappropriate love affair, and devil worshipers are in the Court.

I really enjoyed this story. It is set during a particularly turbulent time in English history. Henry is a boy king and his two uncles are struggling over who will rule the kingdom, while his mother is shut out of his life. I have heard a lot about Owen Tudor and this story sheds a little light on the story. The author does a beautiful job of describing life at court and in the merchant class of the time. Jamie and Linnet have a particularly turbulent love story, making for some very intense love scenes. The devil worshipers and merchant guild conspiracy add suspense to the plot, as does the political intrigue of the court. Fans of medieval historicals will especially love this one.

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