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A Perfect Knight for Love

ISBN #: 9781402108859
October 2011
Mass Market Paperback
352 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Juliana is the daughter and sole heiress of a wealthy English baron. She is beautiful and well educated and in hiding until she can be rescued by her countrymen.

Aiden McKetryck is the laird of his clan. He is extremely handsome, wealthy, and a favorite with the ladies. He also is impulsive and has a quick and fiery temper and is known as “the Red McKetryck.

Aiden is sure he is rescuing the lovely lass from certain death or worse when her village is attacked by the English. Strangely, she is not only not grateful, but determined to escape him and go back to the scene of carnage and death. The two are attracted but each has another in their future, but passion gets the better of them and complicates things. Juliana has to face the intrigue and jealousy of the women of the castle, and Aiden has to face his evil uncle.

This is a well written and gripping tale of the Scottish Highlands. Juliana and Aiden are of similar status but from wildly different backgrounds. Aiden seems to have a real problem with reckless behavior, and Juliana suffers as a result, even though he makes things right in his own way. His youngest brother, Arran, could teach him a lot, as long as he stays away from the Killoran ale. Danger and passion bring Juliana and Aiden together and they fall in love, and like in the best historical romances, love conquers all but not without a lot of drama and uncertainty and a certain amount of danger. I especially loved the dynamic between the Red McKetryck and the Black McKetryck and the two clan seers were colorful and informative.

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