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Purrfect Mates Series

Book 1: Here Kitty, Kitty
Book 2: My Little Kitty
Book 3: Our Sexy Tiger
Book 4: My Angel Cheetah
Book 5: Kitty in the Middle
Book 6: Cheetah In Charge
Book 7: My Feisty Kitten

Purrfect Mates Book 5
ISBN: 1610347358
August 2011
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc
117 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance; Ménage Amour ManLove Imprint
Rating: 4 Cups

Ham Cowell wants nothing more than to find his two mates. But as a shy and awkward cheetah shifter, the only time he takes control is when it comes to leading the younger cheetahs in his litter.

Kale Bauer is a man who is used to the mystical world, as his mother was a witch. The sexy firefighter knows there is something about Ham that calls to that magical world he was raised in.

Luca Riso is a jaguar shifter who has just survived an ordeal of torture, rape, and being away from his family. When he is saved by Ham and his shifter family, he knows that the cheetah is his mate.

When Kale walks into the room, Ham knows he has found one of his two mates. He never expected it to be so easy for him to be accepted for what he was. Then he finds Luca and his heart feels complete and full. But this is only the beginning. Because Luca has missing brothers who are still being held hostage and going after them will put them in danger of losing one another forever.

Kitty in the Middle is a very good tale. The sex is so hot I wanted to purr myself a time or two. I did not always understand the dynamics of the cheetah shifters and their family members. I feel that if I had read all of the previous four stories, I could better understand and savor this spicy novel. Ms. Flynn has a way of writing that keeps you wanting to read more, even if you do not always understand all of the storyline.

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