Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-352-34521-9
August 2009 US / June 2009 UK
Black Lace, an Imprint of Virgin Books
$12.95 / £7.99
266 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Trying to do cartwheels with an Aston Martin nearly killed Jay Bentley a year ago, but the pain and scars of the accident are constant reminders that he is undoubtedly alive. It is a good thing he has a rich fantasy life, because dreaming of a girl he met fifteen years ago is the only action he is getting.

Only time will tell if Alexandra Jackson’s Little Teapot café will survive the big boys moving into town. Unfortunately, Forbes Enterprises may just put Sandy out of business, and she would like nothing more than to wring the owner’s neck.

Jay is pretty certain that carrying around a picture of a girl he briefly came into contact with 15 years ago borders on certifiable, but she has ingratiated herself as his fantasy woman. She will never know it, but the pleasure she has brought him is the only thing that keeps him from crawling into a bottle of pain killers and never coming out. Finding her has become an obsession, and when he does, the reality of her knocks him for a loop. Sandy has never had a man in her life that comes close to comparing to Jay; he is brute force, unabashed sex appeal, and familiar in a way that sucks her in like the force of a tornado.

Could you possibly get any hotter combination than a beautifully damaged man and possibly one of the sexiest cars on the market? I seriously doubt it. Jay’s character is totally flawed inside and out, but he owns up to who and what he is with cockiness and flair. I, for one, find that sexier than anything he has going on, on the surface. Sandy is his perfect little sex kitten; she is sweet, adorable, and absolutely fierce. They are a force of nature that will whip you up, and leave you panting for more.

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