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Book 2 in the Cyborg seduction series
ISBN: 9781419928024
April 2010
Ellora’s Cave
120 pages
Futuristic Sci-fi
Rating# 5 Cups

Rena, a human daughter of a cyborg detention officer, was taught to hate and fear cyborgs. But, her aunt told her that her mother had risked her life to rescue and escape with five cyborgs, so she wonders could they be all bad? When she attacks the thieves who stole her company’s ship, she suddenly finds herself the property of one very hot and sexy cyborg.

Steel is not happy when he finds himself the owner of a human. He wants to find a female to join with and have children, it is his and every cyborg's responsibility to reproduce and further their race. But there is something about this little human that appeals to him.

Rena quickly realizes she is safest if she stays with Steel. So, she sets out to seduce him into keeping her. He accepts her advances but intends to free her when they reach somewhere she can safely find transport back to earth. All Rena wants is for him to keep her, even if she will always be his property and never his equal.

Steel has a lot to learn about human emotions. Trained to control all emotions, he can turn his on and off when required. Rena is sweet and lonely; her emotions are her weakness and her strength. The other cyborgs are strong and well developed and most of them hate all humans. I look forward to reading their stories in the future. Ms Dohner has developed a complex and conflicted budding society, placed a controversial love match in the middle of it, then gave it an astounding conclusion.

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