Coffee Time Romance & More




February 2011
Self-Published through MacGowan Press
190 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kelli Palmer loves animals. As a vet she gets the chance to take care of those she loves and as a member of the North Texas Equestrian Rescue she gets to help out even more with those animals that are abused and neglected.

Bobby Gray Nelson is tired of his older brother, Monty Joe not listening to him when it comes to their livelihood. When he makes a major decision without Monty’s approval, his brother hits the roof and Bobby Gray decides it might be prudent for him to get out of town for a few weeks while his hot-headed brother cools down.

There is something about Bobby Gray that has Kelli wishing he was hers. Unfortunately her sister Lori seems to have claimed him as her own even though the sexy rancher does not see it that way. Since it has been a huge contention between Lori and Kelli, the vet tries her hardest to stay away. But all is fair in love and war and the sexy rancher is determined to get Kelli for himself. Can Bobby Gray get his brother to finally realize that he knows business and get the girl too?

Kissing Kelli is a great book with funny anecdotes and outrageous events. I did find myself irritated with how back and forth Kelli seemed to be when it came to Bobby Gray but her attitude and conflicting feelings toward the rancher makes this novel seem all the more real. Ms. Carmichael has a way of adding humor in places that has you laughing in surprise at the placement of the comedic events. I fell in love with this author when she wrote Hot Flash and while this book is not as humorous, it is still a wonderful story that leaves you quite satisfied.

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